Holy Land & Middle East Tours

Fall Mediterranean and Holy Land Cruise - with Kay Godfrey**SOLD OUT

   Oct. 29-Nov. 14, 2017

   Athens, Greece; Mykonos, Greece Rhodes, Greece; Day at Sea: Mediterranean Haifa; Ashod; Crete, Greece; Valleta, Malta; Day at Sea: Offshore Italy Rome, Italy;

   17 days 16 nights

From 2,499

Bringing the Bible to Life Jordan and Israel Tour with Tim Taggart** LIMITED SPACE, CALL TODAY

   29 Oct-Nov 12, 2017

   Amman, Jordan; Petra, Jordan; Tel Aviv; Caesarea; Galilee; Mt. Tabor; Masada; Jerusalem;

   15 days 14 nights

From 2,699

Israel Christmas Tour with Craig Manscill ** LIMITED SPACE, CALL TODAY

   Dec. 26-Jan 5, 2018

   Tel Aviv; Caesarea; Galilee; Masada; Bethlehem; Jerusalem;

   11 days 10 nights

From 1,899

Celebrate Israel with Steven Kapp Perry

   Feb. 21-Mar. 4, 2018

   Cairo; Luxor; Tel Aviv; Caesarea; Mt. Tabor; Galilee; Capernaum; Masada; Jerusalem; Bethlehem;

   12 days 11 nights

From 1,999

Egypt Discovery Tour & Nile Cruise with Scot and Maurine Proctor

   April 6-14th, 2018

   Cairo; Aswan Nile River Luxor;

   8 days 7 nights

From 1,849

April Israel Holy Land Scripture Discovery Tour with Joel Judd

   April 13-25, 2018

   Tel Aviv; Caesarea; Capernaum; Galilee; Qumran; Jerusalem; Bethlehem;

   13 days 12 nights

From 2,735

Ultimate Holy Land tour with The Proctors ** SOLD OUT, Wait list available

   April 13-25, 2018

   Amman, Jordan; Petra, Jordan; Masada; Nazareth; Bethlehem; Jerusalem; Tel Aviv;

   12 days 11 nights

From 2,629

April Israel Tour with Del & Cherrie Clark - Making Sacred Places Sacred

   April 26-May 5, 2018

   Tel Aviv; Nazareth; Galilee; Capernaum; Jericho; Masada; Bethlehem; Jerusalem;

   10 days 9 nights

From 2,090

Independent Egypt Discovery Tour & Nile Cruise

   You Pick the Dates

   Cairo; Aswan Nile River Luxor;

   6 days 5 nights

From 959

Independent Holy Land

   You Pick the Dates

   Tel Aviv; Caesarea; Capernaum; Nazareth; Jerusalem; Bethlehem; Masada; Amman, Jordan; Cairo;

   8 days 7 nights

On request