Splendors of Italy Tour Review Fall 2023

by Groups User

There is only one place on the entire planet that you can travel for 10 days and only visit locations that are designated as UNESCO World Heritage Sites and that place is Italy! 

We have just returned from a wonderful tour, with a wonderful group of people to that amazing country where we visited Venice, Ravenna, San Gimignano, Siena, Florence, Rome, and Pompeii.   And it is not just the magnificence of these towns and cities but the masterpieces of the greatest artists of the Renaissance that made our trip such a delight.  Experiencing the painting, architecture, and sculpture of Michelangelo, from the David to the Sistine Chapel and the Dome of St. Peter’s, was a true highlight but how can you single out just one artist when we also experienced masterpieces from da Vinci, Brunelleschi, Raphael, Caravaggio and far too many others to name.

Traveling to the marble quarry in Carrara to see where the marble used by Michelangelo came from and then to the workshops where that same marble was used to create the sculptures in the new Rome LDS Temple was a wonderful excursion.  And then we had the chance to actually go to the Rome Temple and Visitor’s Center as well.

We also had our fill of pasta and gelato and came home satisfied in every possible way!