The benefits of adding PRE and/or POST stays to your tours and cruises

by Wendy Fracchia

Budgeting for travel can be overwhelming with so many factors to consider, from excursions and meals to souvenirs and tips, the list can go on and on….. One key factor often overlooked is the addition of pre and post-stays to your tours and cruises. Consider the invaluable benefits of pre and post-stays. They offer more than just additional days—they provide peace of mind, opportunities for deeper exploration, and a more enjoyable and memorable travel experience. Here are some great reasons to incorporate these extra days into your travel plans, potentially making them more important than that extra gelato or souvenir magnet.

The Benefits of a Pre-Tour:

1. A cushion against flight delays

Flight delays are increasingly common, especially in today's post-pandemic travel landscape... Arriving at your destination a day or two early provides a buffer against disruptions, ensuring you don't miss your tour or cruise departure.

2. Recovery time

Long flights can be exhausting. You may get a better price on a red-eye flight, but can you function on 3-5 hours of sleep, especially if you have just flown over 18hrs internationally?   Arriving early allows you to rest and acclimate, ensuring you start your tour feeling refreshed rather than fatigued.

3. Exploring the Departure City 

Many tours and cruises depart from iconic cities like New York, Sydney, or London. Arriving early gives you the chance to explore these destinations, which may not be included in your tour itinerary. Imagine landing in Paris but not having time to see the Eiffel Tower because your tour starts immediately—such missed opportunities can be avoided with a pre-tour stay.

The Benefits of a Post-Tour:

1. Extended Exploration 

If your tour or cruise ends in a fascinating city, staying a few extra days allows you to fully experience it. Some tours may not offer comprehensive sightseeing in the final city, so extending your stay ensures you don't miss out.

2. Visiting a close city or country you have always wanted to Visit.

Consider the proximity of other places you have always wanted to see. If your tour ends in Rome, for example, a short trip to Florence or Venice might be a perfect addition. Utilizing your already purchased flight to explore nearby destinations can be more cost-effective and convenient than planning a separate trip later.

So, to simply summarize the 2 big reasons to consider budgeting these options would be the Stress Reduction and an Enhanced Experience.  Adding pre and post-stays can significantly reduce travel stress. Arriving early alleviates the anxiety of potential delays and allows you to settle in comfortably. Similarly, staying longer at the end of your trip means you aren't rushing to catch a flight right after your tour ends, letting you relax and savor the last moments of your vacation.